Does Sheldon Cooper have Asperger Syndrome?

The Big Bang Theory has been a huge hit around the world since it first aired in 2007. At the forefront of the show’s popularity is the hapless nature in which the leading cast navigate their way through a number of social situations within their daily lives.

This is hugely exemplified by the character Sheldon Cooper, who just about fails with everything that comes from human interaction. His exploits are portrayed to be funny and make the audience question a number of social situations that are typically considered the norm.


It almost feels as if the character is a way of fighting back against all the established etiquette that comes with speaking and being around other people in general. His stance on socializing would suggest that the activity is a huge waist of time and prevents people from concentrating on more concrete and mathematical aspects of our lives.

Sheldon constantly misreads social ques and often makes rude remarks as a response to dialogue or social ques he finds confusing. There are so many innuendos that hide the meaning of verbal communication, which is something that has caused him to break down relationships and trust in people.


Another perfect example of his aspie traits would be his extremely regimented lifestyle in which every aspect of his life has been meticulously coordinated and measured. He has allocated periods in which he can use the bathroom and only completes certain activities such as laundry at very specific times during the week.

The trait I most relate to is his robotic delivery of speech and general misunderstanding of how to express yourself in a typically human manner. There is also his tendency to not provide any facial expression when he is feeling either elated or down beat about certain things.


Although the entire main cast have a deep affection for typically child-oriented material such as comic books and video games, it always appears as though Sheldon has the deepest connection. Perhaps his love for content designed for younger people is a way for him to recapture his feelings from when he was a child and didn’t feel as exposed as he does as an adult.

I know for fact that this is something that I have grown to use as a defence mechanism against an ever-confusing world. The sphere created by things that evoke positive emotions from childhood is a strong and highly resistant shield mechanism to counter the implications of growing older and becoming more ingrained within society.


Its also commonly known that anyone with Asperger Syndrome will likely have some hidden talent in which they are incredibly competent. Sheldon is a genius when it comes to the study of physics and benefits from the fact he can solely focus on his research rather than taking up time with social activities.

Sheldon is a character that has always fascinated me and provided so much reassurance from watching antics that I can usually always relate to. Although it’s never explicitly stated that he has the condition, it’s clear to me that his demeanour and general attitude towards people would suggest Asperger Syndrome is at the heart of his profile as a person.


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