The Common Signs for Asperger Syndrome

What is Asperger Syndrome?

Asperger Syndrome is on the higher end of the autistic spectrum. The condition mostly affects the way people interact and experience the world with other people. There is no definitive explanation as to the cause of the condition or what can be administered to reduce any of the effects.

Poor Communication


Anyone with Asperger Syndrome is highly likely to experience immense difficulty when it comes to pretty much all forms of communication. It will feel like the entire premise is completely illogical and highly disruptive to more important things. They will struggle to find any justification for general chit chat, and often lose track of the core reason as to why people are having a conversation.

Its also common for people with the condition to completely misinterpret body language and read into things too deeply. Neurotically inclined people often use facial expressions and their stance to emphasise points they are trying to make.

When people with Asperger Syndrome do find themselves within an environment in which they feel comfortable to communicate with other people, you will often find their dialogue to come across in a robotic manner completely lacking in expression.



For people with Asperger Syndrome to function comfortably they will often adopt a very strict routine that helps them navigate themselves through the week. Any important tasks will have been assigned very specific time allocations in which they must be completed. There will never be spontaneity with any decision as everything will have been planned well in advance before completion.

Every day is broken down into very small sections in which certain activities can be undertaken. The evening before will be used to create a timetable about how the next day is going to be played out. Any problems to the routine are going to cause an intense amount of strain and anxiety as control over structure will have been taken away.



Whether its food, light or open spaces there will certainly be certain parts of everyday life that someone with Asperger Syndrome will struggle to acclimatise to. There is often no way you can combat the negative feelings they have about something that often many people think absolutely nothing about.

The most common sensitivities are probably exposure to very bright light or loud noises. Such commodities will provide a sharp surge of anxiety and cause anyone with Asperger Syndrome to enter an indefinite period of meltdown. This makes the importance of finding balance and knowing people’s limits that much greater.

Anxiety and Depression


People with Asperger Syndrome are unfortunately going to experience a number of periods through their life when they feel overwhelmed with anxiety and depression. Its never going to be easy for people who feel as though they don’t even belong on this planet.

The important thing to remember is that any depression will pass and that coping mechanisms are there for people to re-establish clarity over their thoughts. As people with Asperger Syndrome get older and wiser, they will be more likely to identify problems quicker and work out combative solutions far more effectively.

If you feel you may have Asperger Syndrome or know someone with the condition, feel free to leave your thoughts and feelings below. I look forward to hearing from each and every single one of you.



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