What are your Obsessions?


Anyone with Asperger Syndrome is likely to develop some form of obsession through their lives as they try to add some much-needed comfort and stability to their routine. Its common for people to indulge into one very specific topic in which they will want to grow an in depth understanding and broad level of knowledge.

Such obsessions typically centre around concrete data where everything is definitive and absolute. This could involve anything with dates, measurements and or any general numeric information. People with Asperger Syndrome use this as a platform to consolidate their mind into something they find logical and some what relevant within their life.

I really have two numeric obsessions that have been hugely prevalent as I have grown older. The first of which has been a fixation on the time and more specifically making sure I am never late for anything. This has been routed within my thought process since Primary School, where I spent prolonged periods of time fretting over being late for each class.


The idea of being late for anything would instantly throw my mind off balance and create a huge surge of confusion as I go about my daily activities. Everything needs to be measured meticulously and played out in a way that guarantees that things are completed exactly on time.

This has also played a huge part in some of the leisurable activities I have taken part in over the years, especially when it comes to attending any kind of major sporting, theatrical or music event. The centre piece was in 2012 when I arrived at a football game at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium seven hours before kick-off.

Being on schedule keeps my day streamlined and helps to create a sense of control over my daily itinerary. Acting in a spontaneous manner in which lateness would typically be encouraged is likely going to cause the potential for anxiety and stress to take a huge strangle hold.


I have also had a huge obsession with any sport related data, especially the dates in which certain teams or individuals won particular events. To prove my how ingrained some of this information has become, I have listed below every winner of the FA Cup from 1978-2018, without looking it up elsewhere (I promise).

2018 Chelsea
2017 Arsenal
2016 Manchester United
2015 Arsenal
2014 Arsenal
2013 Wigan Athletic
2012 Chelsea
2011 Manchester
2010 Chelsea
2009 Chelsea
2008 Portsmouth
2007 Manchester United
2006 Liverpool
2005 Arsenal
2004 Manchester United
2003 Arsenal
2002 Arsenal
2001 Liverpool
2000 Chelsea
1999 Manchester United
1998 Arsenal
1997 Chelsea
1996 Manchester United
1995 Everton
1994 Manchester United
1993 Arsenal
1992 Liverpool
1991 Tottenham Hotspur
1990 Manchester United
1989 Liverpool
1988 Wimbledon
1987 Coventry City
1986 Liverpool
1985 Manchester United
1984 Everton
1983 Manchester United
1982 Tottenham Hotspur
1981 Tottenham Hotspur
1980 West Ham United
1979 Arsenal
1978 Ipswich Town

This took me 3 minutes and 20 seconds to complete. I was typing this data without even thinking about which team came next, I simply entered the information as if it had been permanently fixed into my brain. The feeling of being able to relay this concrete information gave me so much composure in the way I was thinking and processing my mind.

I can complete similar lists for Formula One world Champions, Wimbledon Tennis Champions and even for sports I have never even seen a match such as NBA in America. My love for sport isn’t the drama we see unfold on the pitch, court, or racing track but rather the fact every year these events provide more data for my mind to focus on.

Someone that caught me eye was fellow Aspie and Norwich City supporter Jacob Bowles, who managed to raise over £1,400 for the Norwich City community Sport Foundation after using his incredible knowledge of football results to compete against the general public over certain trivia.

What are your obsessions and why do you think they have become so ingrained within your life? Please share your thoughts below or get in contact with me direct.





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