The Power of Escapism

Your mind is incredibly powerful and is the centre point in which you make important decisions and form relationships with others. This is difficult for most people, let alone any individuals who have to navigate their way through the complexity of mental health.

That’s why having some form of escapism is hugely important for anyone who experiences difficulties with their mood and well-being. Having somewhere to focus your mind and recharge is one of the best ways to dishevel any negative feelings you have about certain aspects of daily life.

Below, I have listed some of the best things you can do in order to escape the confusing and often demoralising aspects of the world. Hopefully you can discover something you have never thought of before or learn more about something that has already helped you over the years.



This is something that almost everyone indulges into within some capacity. With the ever-growing ease in which you can consume films and tv shows through streaming services, you really can use this medium as a permanent companion through any difficult moments in your life.

I have always loved obsessing over franchises that have a large plethora of content in which to engage with. Having a whole universe in which you can transport your mind is an effective way of cleansing your brain and forgetting about the real-life issues you are currently facing.

No matter what genre you have the most interest, you will always be able to satisfy your unique taste in style with the magnitude of options on Netflix, Amazon Prime or mainstream television. Healthy doses of tv and film will broaden your horizons and help reconnect your mind in a way which will enable you to start thinking clearly.



If you have the money and the time, then the ability to literally leave your problems behind and escape to new surroundings has always proven to be highly effective. Any issues you have are going to create a negative stigma around your current setting which will greatly heighten any anxiety or depression.

A change in environment comes with a wide selection of benefits, not least the fact no-one will know who you are or what you have been through previously. You will be within a blank canvas in which the world has been rebooted and refreshed.

Having the ability to discover new cultures and engage with people from different nations will give you a more rounded perspective of life and allow your mind to feel invigorated with the exposure to brand new knowledge and discoveries.



Anyone lacking the means to travel or engage with any costly activities should always consider the free and efficient act of meditation. You will be able to seamlessly quieten your mind and charge up your batteries within a calm and tranquil premise.

Being in full control over your breathing is going to set the tone needed to maintain balance and harmony with the way you think and act. Just taking that extra bit of time to inhale and then exhale can give you a sense of control over your body and allow to take some form of leadership moving forward.

I hope these very simple and effective methods of escapism have provided some way for you to ease any anxiety you may have within your life. Feel free to share any more ideas or thoughts you may have about the subject or contact me directly.



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