What Does it Mean to Exist?

I went and watched Toy Story 4 last week and came out of the cinema with a number of questions that relate directly to the meaning of existence. This came from the delightful and quirky new edition to the already booming roster of iconic characters in the form of Forky.

The concept of Forky is that he is made from trash by a young girl who now considers him every bit of a toy compared to something straight out of the factory. The love and care put into Forky made him a treasured asset giving notable significance to the young girl’s nervy first day at Kindergarten.

Its not until Forky is taken home that he is constantly told how important he is and that he is so much more than the garbage he seems to deem himself. Most notably, Woody is constantly trying to prevent him from flinging into the trash where he seems the feel he most belongs.

Its interesting how everyone feels like they have a differing purpose in life and how some of our perceptions and beliefs can hugely contradict and clash with others. Both Woody and Forky are constantly fighting over the entire reason Forky actually exists and what he needs to be doing with his newly created life.

This made me think about my own existence and what it actually means to myself and everyone else around me. There are times where I feel all the actions and decisions that I make are simply to please others and allow me to feel more at ease within a fairly rigid system that makes the world go by.

Perhaps we are not as flexible as we make out to be and the constant interaction with other people is a strong way to mould you into something that you may not feel particularly comfortable with. All through my life I am constantly looking at people and can’t help but feel their entire profile has been designed for them.

Asking ourselves what it truly means to exist is something that cannot definitively be answered until you really understand who you are as a person. There are people who like staying within a comfort zone that provides safety and assurances, whereas others like to take risks and try to push themselves over difficult boundaries.

No matter what you do in life, you must make sure it is in your own best interests and ensure you are not making decisions just because people are starting to entice you into thinking a certain way. You only get one chance to live out your life, so finding a formula that makes you feel at ease and allows you to achieve your ambitions is of paramount importance.

Forky exists to make Bonnie happy after realising he is so much more than he first thought upon creation. He was steered in the right direction and now has a strong and compounding reason to actually be around. Its vital that you are veered by the right people and not led down dark paths that can actually make you a far worse person as a result.

Why do you feel like you exist? Who are the people that have helped show you the way for a better and more prosperous life? I would love to hear what you have to say! Feel free to contact me directly or comment below.






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