Famous People with Asperger Syndrome

After you have been given your diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome, you may feel slightly overwhelmed with negative feelings. However, if history is anything to go by having Asperger’s is actually a huge benefit that could help you propel further in whatever journey you decide to take during your life.

There is a slew of famous individuals who have either stated they have the condition or have demonstrated all the key factors that come from Asperger Syndrome. Below, I have listed some of the most prominent names and what they have managed to achieve.

Chris Packham


chris-packhamChris is a major part of the nature team at the BBC, working as an established nature photographer and naturalist. He has ventured all across the world and used his passion for natural affairs to discover and learn more about our planet. Most people will recognize him from his appearances on Springwatch and The Really Wild Show.

Susan Boyle


susan-boyle-ftrSusan shot to fame when her surprize performance on Britain’s Got Talent captured the nation’s heart in 2009. Her incredible singing made her a nationally recognized figure overnight which gave her the platform to produce a number-one bestselling album around the world. She decided to come out in public about her condition in an interview with the BBC in 2013.

Sir Anthony Hopkins


Sir Anthony Hopkins

Sir Anthony is considered hugely introverted despite his acclaimed ability as a globally recognized actor. He has appeared in some of the biggest films of all time, most notably playing Hannibal Lector in The Silence of the Lambs. He has openly admitted about having difficulty understanding people and believes his perception of the world is probably different to most individuals.

Anne Hegerty

TV Personality


Anne is currently a regular feature on evening television as one of the chasers on the ITV show the Chase. She has made a number of appearances on other quiz shows such as Fifteen to One, Mastermind and Brain of Britain. It wasn’t until her appearance on I’m a Celebrity Get me Out of Here until she decided to open up about her condition and how is has impacted her life.

Dan Aykroyd  



Dan is huge part of Hollywood history and has been nominated and even won some of the most prestigious accolades around such as an Emmy and Academy Award. His most recognisable work would be co-starring with Jim Belushi in the Blues Brothers, and appearing in the 1984 sci-fi comedy Ghostbusters. He also has a keen eye for writing and has worked extensively as an effective screenwriter.

Satoshi Tajiri

Video Game Designer


Satoshi is the mastermind behind the global phenomenon Pokémon. His imagination has led to countless video games, books, comics and toys that have been a huge part of many people’s childhoods. The creations and concepts that have been created from Pokémon have become a global institution that almost anyone even with minimal prior knowledge would instantly recognize.

So, you can see that having the condition has not hindered the aforementioned when it comes to their career and it shouldn’t do any harm to your own. As always, feel free to share your comments below or you can contact me directly.

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