How Star Wars has Helped my Well-being


In a world where everything seems so confusing and more often than not completely pointless, it’s always nice to have some kind of escapism to help ease away any negative feelings or thoughts. Over the course of my life I have often turned to the goofy and grandioso world of Star Wars to transport my mind into something that bares no relevance to the actual world we live in.

I can honestly say that despite the discrepancies certain fans have about the content post original trilogy, I have been permanently fixated on all the worlds, characters and storylines that have helped shape something I have grown to adore.

Its so reassuring that no matter how annoyed I get with life, there is always going to be this galaxy of ideas and imagination waiting for me to return whenever I deem it suitable. The universe created by George Lucas provides a great sense of stability and acts as a constant through my life where things are starting the change and alter almost all of the time.


It gives me more control and I love the fact that people who may be causing me trouble in the real world have no influence within the Star Wars sphere and can never use their negative influence to hinder something that is completely beyond their grasp.

There is a strong sense in the Disney era that know matter who you are and where you come from, we are all the same and can all achieve incredible things if we put our minds to it. This is hugely exemplified by Rey, who is brought up with nothing and only takes her place among a larger story due to fate and being in the right place at the right time.

She is essentially a nobody and did not have the privileged upbringing that many successful people may have been accustomed to when they were younger. This notion also applies to Chewbacca, who despite being a 7ft tall non-human, is still welcomed with open arms throughout his life no matter what people he comes in contact with.


My first attachment to Star Wars came when I went to see my first film on the big screen in 2002 in the form of Attack of the Clones. At the age of eight, I was at the perfect stage of my life to let the wonder of Star Wars to explode in my mind and create a tidal wave of awe and excitement. The visual effects, sound design and the action sequences were all breath taking and created a lifelong obsession that I’m sure will never fade away.

The world of Star Wars was far more interesting to me than any kind of social events or interaction with other people. I think even at a young age, I knew that the real world was not really designed for me, so finding another place to focus my mind was an incredible thing that has really helped me all through my life.

Star Wars also benefits from the fact you can go as deep as you like when it comes to exploring the mythology of things like the Jedi and the force. The movies are pretty simple and act as the platform in which to entice your creative senses into taking a deeper dive into all the concepts. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading though all the novels and comic books that have helped to add even more detail and depth to some of the most recognised figures in the series.


All the trivial information that most people would dismiss as pointless still has strong resonance with me and helps to satisfy my ongoing obsession to know everything I can about one particular subject. I’ve never taken a similar approach with other film franchises as I feel knowing all the information about one is more beneficial for how my mind works compared to having baseline knowledge of a handful.

The fact new Star Wars content is coming out later in the year is a great source of excitement for myself. This means there is going to be a brand-new wave of information and concepts for me to get my head into as I continue to use the series as a way to counter the issues that come from having Asperger Syndrome. This is more of an exciting prospect than any holiday or social event, since those activities take place in a confusing world which I continually feel more and more disconnected as I get older.

There is also the fact that connecting with Star Wars means I am connecting with something that was a huge part of my life as a child. I have always found real comfort when it comes to nostalgia as it reminds me of times when I didn’t feel the level of exposure that comes from being a fully grown adult here on earth. My childhood was amazing and the Star Wars films, video games and toys were a fundamental factor behind my happiness.

I guess there is one character that kind of represents people with Asperger Syndrome and that would be protocol droid C3-PO. The character is programmed to help provide translation and offer concrete advice based on data and mathematics. However, his understating of human interaction is used for comedic effect, especially when he is interacting with characters like Han Solo who possess a more brash and extravagant personality.

Finally, I guess the religious element of Star Wars in the form of the Jedi is something that also elevates the series for me. I love the fact that no matter how tough or aggressive people think they are, their position in the grand scheme of things is minuscule compared to the power of the force. It puts everything into perspective and wipes away the feeling that some people believe they are above others.

Thank you very much for taking time to read through my blog post about how Star Wars has managed to help me through my life. Is there any particular film, video game or book series that you are obsessed with? And how have they affected you as a person? I would love to hear you thoughts either in the comments or contacting me here directly.

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    Judy (An Autism Observer)

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