The Trials and Tribulations of Job Hunting


Job hunting is surely going to be the death of me! After six months of laborious hunting, I am still no where near getting any kind of paid employment with either career jobs or even something trivial and mundane to keep my mind from fully exploding. Its tough for everyone at the moment, with severe political unrest due to Brexit, and the number of cut backs major companies are making due to the technological revolution that is starting to take a real strangle hold over the way many industries continue to operate.

It’s all about being rational and not taking the easy option of laying all the blame on yourself. I know I’ve spent most of my period unemployed trying to find ways that make me feel like this entire ordeal is solely down to my actions and mine alone. The fact is the world has become rather unforgiving over recent years, and this certainly reflects the way people are actually behaving towards other individuals. There is such as siege mentality at the moment where the only people getting anywhere are the ones prepared to act ruthless and without any remorse for human emotion and well-being.

I have applied for so many jobs since the turn of the year and been to countless interviews which have all resulted in me feeling even less optimistic about my chances of actually getting anywhere substantial in the near future. The most common issue being the ghosting that takes place after I have taken my time to actually attend interviews. It baffles my mind that a person would actually consider leaving someone in limbo weeks on end about a potential job offer and never find the time to simply put them out of their misery. I’m obviously a spec of dust to companies, especially when they are large in scale, but a short email is hardly difficult in my humble opinion.


The other issue that comes from modern day job hunting is the fact most applications are handled by the less than marvellous folk known as recruiters. They take fake happiness and appraisal to a level I never thought possible and quite simply baffle my brain on a daily basis. How they can pretend to be people’s friends and continue to make out I am more qualified than I clearly am at the moment is something beyond all rationale and basic comprehension. I really dislike having to deal with recruiters and can’t help but feel the fake persona they portray is emblematic of the age in which we live. They are constantly using emojis and trying to crack jokes in order to gain my trust, similar to the way you would talk to someone on dating sites.

I always have this surge of guilt that eats away at me because of how I have let myself down but more importantly my family who have always stood by me. There is no reason to feel like this as my situation is unfortunately part of the norm for youngsters these days, but the fact of the matter is that work is the blueprint for anyone’s life, and not having it creates a plethora of problems. The biggest issue is the lack of routine and not feeling like each day has a discernible purpose. There is also the fact that without money you are unable to book things like holidays or days out, both of which are great ways to keep you motivated to carry on through the year even when things start to get really tough.


As humans, we also hypothetically work out what we should have in place at certain periods of our life. At the age of 25, I feel like I should be high flying in some glamorous career position starting to save up for my first property. The reality is that I feel like my life is still akin to someone in their teens trying to find a path for them to ultimately follow in the future. Life feels like a moving train when you reach the end of school and the more you fall off, the harder it is to get back on and carry on with your trajectory. The people who have stayed on the train the most are the ones who are starting to reap the rewards that come from determination and gritting out hard situations. I guess its just important to be content with what you have and always remember that your situation could always be a lot worse.

As of May, this year (2019), 3.8% of people aged over 16 are unemployed in the United Kingdom, which roughly equates to 2.5 million individuals. The big fear for me is that most of these people are probably seeking some form of stop gap employment in retail or hospitality, but such positions are also starting to become sparse due to recent cut backs at major retailers. In recent years, Toys R Us has collapsed, BHS went under, and this year saw William Hill suggest they may have to close around 900 of their stores. This truly is a time of severe upheaval in the job sphere and trying to decipher exactly what the future holds is both intriguing and scary. It reminds me of an induction video I watched whilst working for Waitrose, where they suggested the tech orientated world we live in is going to crush certain industries in the future.


In the case of someone with Asperger Syndrome, one of the biggest issues I have is persistent amounts of paranoia and uncertainty. Given the fact job hunting requires an extensive amount of human interaction, my particular sensitivities are being exposed to no end all of the time. I can’t stand the fact people have the nerve to not convey important messages clearly and allow people some much needed clarity over something very stressful. It almost feels like certain employers like the fact they have you on their leash and can toy around with your emotional state.

Thank you for taking time to read through my thoughts on job hunting and employment. Please do share any thoughts you have on the subject below or contact me direct.

5 thoughts on “The Trials and Tribulations of Job Hunting

  1. Job hunting is definitely not neurodiversity/mental illness friendly, and even though there’s talk know about creating more mental health friendly workplaces, no one seems to be talking about making the process of finding a job any easier.

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  2. Thank you for you comment 🙂

    There certainly needs to be change in the approach companies take when they are looking to employ someone. I find they act friendly and hospitable when you being invited for an interview, but unless you are successful they will more often than not provide very little clarity over the verdict.


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