Can Owning a Dog Enhance Your Well-Being?


In a World filled with hateful people and stressful situations, we are always looking for effective ways to dishevel some of the negative feelings that start to engulf our mind and well-being. Most would typically turn to prescribed medication or some form of exercise to break away all the negativity that starts to swirl within their very being.

Having endured a number of periods over my life where depression and anxiety have been huge factors behind my profile, I can honestly say that one of the most effective ways to enhance your levels of positivity would be the companionship that comes from owning a Dog.


There is no question that having a Dog present within my household has helped to establish a far more balanced vibe and created assurances that there are things out there that care and love for you no matter what the situation may be. The depth of loyalty and comradeship shown by my Dog has often been the saving grace when I’m struggling to connect with friends or family members.

My Dog is a 13-year-old Border Terrier called Woody who has essentially acted as one of the most significant backbones over the course of my time growing up. There are so many key qualities that have made him so treasurable and special to me, especially given the poor social and human interaction skills that come from having Asperger Syndrome.


Every single time you arrive back from work, he will greet you will an abundance of enthusiasm and joy. This seems unbreakable and demonstrates the incredibly affectionate nature Dogs have to their owners. This consistently loveable behaviour is one of those small things we look for each day to try and gloss over all the stress and anxiety that comes from typical human activities.

I love how a Dog has a set personality and will always conduct themselves with the same traits all the time. You know exactly what you are going to get which creates a real sense of stability and routine. Woody’s quirky and often amusing behaviour is always in effect and has provided me with the ultimate stress relief on numerous occasions.

Anyone that struggles to interact with other humans will find that owning a Dog gives you the essence of conducting yourself with other individuals without the stress that comes from understanding tone of voice and body language. Dogs have feelings and will show their love but always in a more clear and obvious way.


Dogs also obsess over having structure each day in terms of when they are fed and the times they are taken out for a walk. This plays into the hands of people with Asperger Syndrome who also typically adopt a rigid schedule that ensures certain tasks are completed at very specific times.

Above all else, having a Dog gives you a tangible reason to go outside and walk. This is the ultimate when it comes to combatting stress and anxiety, since you are connecting with nature and allowing your body to break down any negative energy. One of the things I look forward to each day are the walks I take Woody around the fields near to my house, where I’m able to re-tune my mind and attempt to claw back some much-needed focus.

Do you have a Dog or any other pets that have helped your well-being? Please Contact Me here at The Asperger Chronicles or leave your stories below in the comments.

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