Are There Benefits to Having Asperger Syndrome?

Having any kind of condition whether physical or mental is certainly going to provide its challenges, but there is also cause to believe that certain aspects of life are made easier as a result of being on the spectrum.

Most people who have some form of Autism take sizable amounts of time mulling over how much easier life could be if they were neurotypical, but never seem to appreciate that they may benefit from the fact they see the World in a completely different plight.

I have endured an incredibly turbulent life so far with many ups and downs, most of which stem from my Asperger’s diagnosis. Whenever things seem really tough and frustrating, I always put the blame on my Aspie traits and use it to help justify my actions.

Every single person has parts of their personality that works in their favour and other areas that can usually hinder certain aspects of every day life. So instead of dwelling over the negative implications of having Asperger Syndrome, perhaps it’s time to acknowledge certain quirks that can actually improve your well-being and quality of life.

Below are some of the things I think have benefited me as a result of having Asperger Syndrome. I am incredibly proud of what I have managed to achieve in my life so far and certainly believe my personality and autistic lifestyle is a huge factor.

Strong Organisation Skills


I love being organised and having an incredibly well thought out structure for when certain things need to be done. This is huge feature behind a lot of people on the spectrum who are always looking to streamline their routine to ensure things run smoothly all the time. This can be hugely beneficial for a number of things that can often be completed to a much higher standard with the adherence to strong organizational skills.

Last year I finished my third year of University and utilized my desire to get things completed in a strict manner to great effect. The nagging feeling of having work that needed to be finished all the time meant I was able to use my constant desire to start things incredibly early to great effect.

Everything was tackled straight away and gave me an abundance of extra time at the end of term to brush over anything that needed to be slightly altered before final submission. Each day was planned to the second and all the work was regimented with impeccable levels of detail.

The other fundamental aspect behind organization I have always been obsessed with is being incredibly early for things. This has stemmed all the way back to Primary School where I would leave with a considerable amount of time on my hands in order to get to the building with plenty of time to spare.

This is also a good thing for me as I’ve always strived to be early for work and any job interviews where turning up with time on your hands makes you look sharp and keen. I think being organised with time is something most Aspies love and is a really strong defence mechanism to shield against the unpredictable and often spontaneous nature of life.

Lack of Social Interest


I’ve never really been bothered by any key social aspects of life and have very rarely taken part in any activities or events that require you to be interested in other people. The whole concept of talking about arbitrary subjects like how your children are doing at School or the current weather conditions have always been lost to me. I have always held the belief that you should only talk if you are able to provide something worth listening to.

A lot of people endure a number of troubles as a result of falling out and disagreeing with other people when it comes to social parameters. This can take up quite a lot of your emotional allowance which could hinder your ability to work and get things done. With a lack of interest in social activity, you are free from the troublesome nature of worrying about what other people are thinking and saying.

This is another thing that has benefited me since one of the biggest problems you are likely to face in life is people. By focusing on more academic subject matter, you are really harnessing your mind and allowing the capacity to grow and develop important knowledge that can help you achieve your desired career goals.

Take Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory, who many people believe is implied to have Asperger Syndrome. In the early seasons of the show, he does not care about relationships and any core social convention. His sole aim is to develop further understanding of his chosen field of study and channel his acclaimed mind into discovering new things in the scientific arena.

Obsessing Over Things


I have always had at least one thing at a time where I have developed a deep routed obsession. Anyone with Asperger Syndrome is likely to do the same which can be hugely beneficial if you pick the right subject matter. Being obsessed means you are going to put all your time and energy into learning all aspects of your chosen topic, giving you a well-rounded level of knowledge and expertise.

Over the years, the biggest obsession I’ve had was over sports stats from previous seasons. I would write up databases with all the important information so that I could memorise and digest all the facts and figures needed to become a walking encyclopaedia. This became so ingrained into my mind that I even had deep knowledge of games stretching back as far as the early 1970’s.

In work and education, being obsessed with certain things can only be a benefit with your ability to grow as a person. Typically, people with Asperger’s love numbers and concrete information, so any mathematical subjects are likely to be undertaken with a certain level of gusto and enthusiasm. Also, being a perfectionist in a work setting means you are going above and beyond to get things completed with optimum levels of accuracy and precision.

What do you think are the biggest strengths behind Asperger Syndrome? Contact Me Directly with your thoughts or feel free to comment below. Make sure to subscribe to The Asperger Chronicles for weekly content. 

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