Why You Shouldn’t Dwell On The Past

Even at the age of just 25, I have been through a number of incredibly difficult periods in my life which have tested my resolve to no end. Looking back is a painful exercise for me when considering how much of my past has been blighted with periods of depression leading to incredibly harmful setbacks.

Trying to find peace with the events that have taken shape previously is a difficult but incredibly important task to master. There is no question that the true nature of happiness is focusing your mind in the present day where you have full control over what happens.

If there is one thing that life has demonstrated to me so far is the fact most things are meant to be for a reason and your fortunes will go up and down in waves. Its easy to single yourself out as having a downbeat and misguided life, but reality suggests everyone is in exactly the same boat.

Since the year 2010, there has certainly been a pattern for me that would indicate that life is a giant roller-coaster where you feel great highs and then have to suffer from less than enjoyable lows. Its therefore important to focus your mind on things that have gone well and attempt to erase those moments you are not so pleased about.

This current decade has been a bit of a mind field for myself whenever I decide to look back. In the space on nine years, I have endured bullying that made me leave School, suffered intense depression at University and spent most of my spare time reclused within my own home.

On the flip side, I have also Graduated with a Bachelors Degree, held down a number of reasonably good jobs and met my wonderful Girlfriend and her equally special family. When looking at the big picture, these are the things I will remember this decade for the most in order to create positivity and harmony moving forward.

Letting go of the negative moments from your past has got to be done if you are going to reach your true potential. It is inevitable that at some stage, you are going to hit the wall again which means cleansing your previous poor experiences away will give you the best possible platform to deal with fresh setbacks.

It also comes down to how extreme your past is and the sort of things that took place which made you feel so enshrined with negativity. You simply must remember that everyone is special and should always believe in themselves no matter what they have had to face. The biggest pat on the back should be given to yourself when you are able to ride the waves of despair and come out the other end.

Never consider giving up as that is the true mark of failure. Anyone that keeps on trying even if its to little or no avail are always a success in my eyes. The key is to always look to the horizon and keep driving yourself forward and away from your past.

Do you have any past experiences that have persistently caused you anxiety and depression? Please share your stories either below in the comments section, or you can Directly Contact Me here at The Asperger Chronicles

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