Why Heroes are so Important


After hearing the rather heart-breaking news that Spiderman is all but surely going to depart the MCU, I was left thinking about the sort of impact this type of character has had on me and how they can have an effect with anyone on the Spectrum. Having superheroes to look up to and worship is an incredibly strong source of empowerment for people who feel vulnerable and helpless in the real World.

There is no doubting that over the years, I have looked up to certain characters as if they were almost biblical and enshrined with religious majesty. They have an awe about them that can provide optimism and hope when things seem despairingly downbeat in reality. Their tropes and quirks give them a euphoric edge and can certainly help transform your mindset from negative into something filled with positive energy.

Below are some of the characters I have worshipped over the years and why they have had such a strong resonance with me as a person. They have often acted as the backbone for when I feel most feeble since they emanate a sense of power and solidity within an otherwise flimsical mindset I sometimes have in place.

Luke Skywalker


The main protagonist from the original Star Wars films is the epitome of heroism and justice. His rise to Jedi Knight and continued fight to take down to oppression set out by the Galactic Empire is all inspiring and is seen as the catalyst for their ultimate fall.

Luke accomplished this despite having to deal with the fact he is the son of the most hated individual in the Galaxy (Darth Vader) and dealing with all the heartbreak and phycological plight that comes from this extremely testing ordeal.

He will do anything for the ones he cares about and will always put others before himself. This is best demonstrated in The Empire Strikes Back where he halts his important Jedi training with Master Yoda to help save his friends on Cloud City after sensing their danger.

Albus Dumbledore


The headmaster of Hogwarts is cool, calm and collected no matter how extreme the situation may be. His warm heart and endearing personality made him the father figure we all adopted through the Potter books in which he acted as the shield of positivity and hope in the fight against evil.

Dumbledore often provides much needed reassurance in difficult circumstances as his eternal knowledge and invincible demeanour have made him a shield of positive strength and resilience. He also must bear a regretful past filled with hate and death but never lets such events hinder his profile in the present day.

His death in The Half-Blood Prince demonstrated how committed he was to executing the plan that would ultimately defeat Lord Voldemort. Sacrificing his life and entrusting Harry Potter in the final fight showed how much faith he is willing to hand to the right people.



Using detective skills that require meticulous mathematical and analytical skills, I can see why a lot of Aspies would take to the strategic orientated character of Batman. Everything is measured and has purpose unlike most superheroes who are able to rely on their non-human physical attributes.

Batman is the most human hero of the lot and gives everyone a sense of belief that you can achieve incredible things even if you are not blessed with brute strength like the Hulk or the flying capabilities observed by Superman. Anyone can be Batman, giving the character an inclusive and relatable vibe.

His resourcefulness is another key attribute that makes him stand out, where he will use the most appropriate weaponry and gadgets to get extremely challenging tasks completed. There is also of course his reclusive behaviour mostly seen when he is trying to solve mysteries and unlock clues related to crime.

Which heroes do you worship the most and why have they had such a huge impact on you? Please comment below or Contact Me here at The Asperger Chronicles



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