Help & Support

If you are struggling with Asperger Syndrome and want to seek out professional help and support, there are a number of well established organisations that will be able to work out solutions that aim to improve your understanding of the condition and allow you to ease away any notable concerns.

Below are some of the best websites to check out if you are looking for information related to Asperger Syndrome:

National Autistic Society






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This is the leader in the UK for anything related to autism in the United Kingdom, having successfully operated since 1962. You will find a number of useful guides and charitable activities that aim to promote autism awareness across the country.



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Anyone with Asperger Syndrome is likely to incur mental health problems, and having a safe platform in which to connect with like minded people is available with Mind. With a number of centres across the UK, you will be able to speak with people about certain issues and work out strategies to help you move forward.



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There is an abundance of great features on the official NHS website that are certain to help you through very difficult situations. You can learn from other people’s experiences or get in contact with a medical professional about your concerns.